#globalclassroom 2014-15 Launch – Slides and Recording

On November 20, we marked the official launch of Global Classroom 2014-15 with our presentation at the Global Education Conference. Attended by viewers from Australia, Kenya, Norway, and the United States, we are delighted to share the slides and recording with you today.

Blackboard Collaborate Recording: 



#GlobalEd13 Sessions You May Have Missed

Over the course of the Global Education Conference 2013, I was lucky enough to attend several fascinating sessions and keynotes which helped me better understand the work I do … As a global educator, I learn within, from, and with a wider community, and I am a passionate believer in the power of story as a means of sharing best practice in education.

This selection of presentations is a personal one, but I think the ideas and stories they present are worth exploring, and worth sharing with a wider audience.  And if you think I missed something brilliant, please let me know in the comments! I’m happy to add to the list 🙂

Julie Lindsay – “Live, Learn, League”

“Going Global is a mindset, not a plane ticket”

As someone contemplating doing a future research project in the field of online communities and global collaboration, I particularly enjoyed Julie’s exploration of “teacherpreneur”, which is a helpful way of describing my work with #globalclassroom.

Tatyana Chernaya – A glimpse into the life of a connected EFL Teacher

I have been chatting with Tatyana for some years in Hello Little World Skypers, and her students participated in my World Water Day side project earlier this year. I knew she was an English as a Foreign Language teacher, and that she worked with children with special needs; however, I had NO idea just what a truly AMAZING job she has been doing for all of these years.

This session was a revelation – please take a few moments to watch the recording. You won’t regret it.

Heidi Hutchinson – The #Malala Project: An Attempt at a Global PBL

Heidi came to us a year or so ago with an idea. Little did we know that she was about to create an extraordinary global action project, empowering students around the world to come together to support Malala and girls’ right to an education. A somewhat controversial issue in some parts of the world, this project made quite an impact on the students and teachers involved, and we are proud to have supported it.

Stories from Hello Little World Skypers

I am indebted to Stefan Nielsen for introducing me to HLW Skypers some years ago, because this little Skype community has completely transformed my personal and professional life.

Through the conversations I’ve had with this group, I have developed very close friendships with teachers literally spread out across the globe. Signing into Skype each morning / evening, there’s usually upwards of 100 messages to scroll through, and there’s almost always someone online to chat / Skype with, or to (literally) help you teach your class. These are our stories …

Global Classroom 2013-14 Launch – Slides & Recordings


Image via @ICT_Integrator, South Africa

It is hard to believe that we’re embarking on the third year of our #globalclassroom journey, but here we are.

With our formal launch at #globaled13 (and repeat webinar the following day), Global Classroom 2013-14 is officially under-way. It looks to be an incredibly exciting year, with some 20 projects already on the wiki, with a few more in development.

The two launch webinars featured 16 speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, South Africa, Canada, USA, Taiwan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, and were very well attended.

Webinar 2 featured short presentations from our Partner Charities – Open World Cause and Project Purus, whose work we are keen to promote and support through Global Classroom 2013-14.

Thank you to everyone who made these presentations possible! Your support, dedication, and passion shine are what makes our community so special!


Webinar 1

Webinar 2

  • Hosted by Teresa Mackinnon @warwicklanguage), Louise Morgan (@mrsmorgansclass) and Theresa Allen (@tdallen5)
  • BlackBoard Recording

Upcoming Global Classroom PD opportunities

June / July 2013 is set to be a very busy month, with #globalclassroom Lead Teachers presenting at several major international conferences – in the United States and Qatar.

The Global Education Summit (ISTE 2013)

We have no less than four GCP Lead teachers presenting at ISTE, with several presenting at the Global Education Summit prior to the main conference. We are hoping to organise an informal meet-up of #globalclassroom teachers at the Summit, and maybe even a group pic on the day … if someone brings their camera!

Sadly I won’t be attending ISTE for some years yet, but I’d like to build our presence at the Summit & ISTE over the years to come.

Session Details 

Global Education Summit (June 23; San Antonio, Texas)

Anne Mirtschin, Louise Morgan, and Lisa Parisi are running focus sessions – exploring Global Connections, Getting Started with Global Projects, and The Global Classroom Project. It’s hard to be in three places at once, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to choose!

ISTE 2013

We don’t have a dedicated Global Classroom Project presentation at ISTE this year; hopefully we can work with some of our Lead Teachers to organise something for 2014.

We do; however, have two amazingly dedicated, inspiring educators presenting at ISTE 2013, and I hope you manage to catch at least one of their sessions.

Lisa Parisi is apparently about to have an amazingly busy conference, presenting –

  • Poster Session:  Natural Disasters and Us – a presentation of our award winning project (with Donna Roman, another GCP Lead Teacher!)
  • Lecture Session: Knocking Down Walls: Making Connections with Web 2.0 tools – a session about how to use tools to connect with other classes
  • Spotlight Session: Gaming Showcase Presentation – joining with MangaHigh to share how my class uses games to learn
  • Ignite Session: Keeping It Global – Sharing how to cover curriculum while globalizing classroom


iEARN 2013 (Doha, Qatar)

The iEARN Conference marks a huge step on my own personal global journey … I never imagined that two years after co-founding the Global Classroom Project, I’d find myself presenting AND running my first Global Classroom Workshop at an international conference … in Qatar of all places. I’m looking forward to meeting a few Twitter colleagues (@iEARNUSA and @cerniglia for starters), and learning more about iEARN.

I’ll be presenting on Making Connections through the Travelling Scrapbook ProjectConnecting Globally via Twitter & the #globalclassroom Chats (Workshop) & contributing to a Panel Discussion on social media connections.

If you have any questions, or are presenting yourself, please drop us a line at globalclassroomorganisers AT gmail.com or @gcporganisers.

Science, ICT, and the Global Classroom

Cross-posted from my personal blog at mgraffin.edublogs.org

Last weekend, I presented the Dinner Keynote at the Science Teachers’ of Western Australia conference, exploring the topic: Science, ICT, and the Global Classroom: Exploring the Possibilities.

Our Challenge: Engaging Students in Science

As a primary school teacher & global education specialist, being asked to present to secondary science teachers was an interesting experience 🙂

The central theme of the presentation focussed on the use of technology to enable teachers and students Engage, Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate in secondary Science – via connections with external organisations, experts, and science educators around Australia, and around the world.

Building Bridges with REAL Science

My most memorable science teachers were those who were passionate about their subject, and who went out of their way to CONNECT their students to REAL science. As was posited to me on the night, these connections should, and indeed MUST begin, in the primary school classroom, but I was interested in exploring the possibilities at the secondary level.

You DON”T have to be an Expert (when you’re part of a community)

I was also very keen to point out that teachers don’t have to be ICT experts to engage & connect their students in Science. The keys to success lie in keeping an open mind, and and being willing to learn and collaborate with colleagues and experts beyond your classroom walls through engaging in online communities, such as the Scootle Community and Twitter.

I finished up by sharing a crowd-sourced Google Doc, containing links and ideas for Secondary Science teachers interested in exploring the possibilities of ICT and global connections in their teaching. You can access (and contribute) to that document via the short link: http://bit.ly/CONSTAWA2013.

Post Conference Reflections

I was rather pleased with the reception I received at the CONSTAWA Conference. It was rather challenging to walk into an unfamiliar conference audience, but the feedback was very positive.

I’ve learnt a great deal through the experience … not just about how much work and preparation goes into these kind of presentations, but how I can personally integrate ICT and global connections into my own Science teaching in the future. The connections I’ve made … the lessons I’ve learned … will help me a great deal when I eventually find my own space and own classroom – one day.

Thank you to the long list of teachers, scientists, and experts who helped make this presentation possible. I am indebted to you – for your support … and inspiring example of what is possible when you ‘explore the possibilities’ of Science, ICT, and the Global Classroom.

#EVPD Classroom Blogging Workshop – Join Us!

Join us in attending this insightful virtual workshop hosted by technology teacher and Global Classroom Project member, Theresa Allen. Educators from around the world and from the Global Classroom Project will demonstrate excellent ways to blog in the classroom.  Details are below:

evpd logo new

Educator Virtual Professional Development

Blogging in the Classroom

February 1, 2013

Watch for links to session soon on the EVPD wiki:  


Learn from several veteran bloggers around the world about ways to blog in your classroom!


(time and date link)

12:05-12:25 Blogging to Motivate and Engage Learning
(Effie Kyrikakis, principal of Winners Education and #globalclassroom educator)

12:30-12:50 Blogging Platforms Intro – Blogger, Kidblog, Edublogs, WordPress, Posterous, Google Sites, Edmodo
(Theresa Allen, Technology Teacher and #globalclassroom organizer)

12:55 – 1:15 How to Blog Weekly with Writing Activities and to Connect w/ Other Classrooms
(Louise Morgan, 2nd grade teacher and #globalclassroom organizer)

1:20-1:40 Blogging as Reflective Math Journals w/ 4th Graders
(Paula Naugle, 4th grade teacher and global educator)

1:45-2:05 (TBA)

2:10-2:30 Bloggin’ to Reach Parents and the Community (Joe McNulty, Technology teacher and global educator)

2:35-2:55 Blogging and the Common Core (John Miller, 7/8th grade Science teacher and global educator)

*There will also be pre-recorded presentations from educators who couldn’t present live, but wanted to share their knowledge and experience with us:

Larisa Tarasevich – Studying Different Cultures through Blogging (English teacher and global educator)

Karen LirenmanKidblogs as Digital Portfolios and Windows to the World (Grade 1 teacher and #globalclassroom educator)

Dana RacanelliBlogs for Student Support  (Junior High Social Studies teacher and global educator)

Anne MirtschinBasic Essentials of a Blog (ICT teacher and #globalclassroom educator)

Claire BuistClass and Individual Blogs – Engaging the Learners (ICT and #globalclassroom educator)

Looking forward to a wonderful day of learning and sharing – hope you can join us!



Global Classroom 2012-13 Launch – Slides and Recording

Well, it is hard to believe that after 6 weeks of solid preparation, we formally launched our 2012-13 project at the Global Education Conference 2012.

Our Global Classroom Stories and Project Launch presentation was attended by a (record) 27 participants, from 10 countries across 5 continents (6 if we put Trinidad in South America); and hosted speakers from all over the world.

The presentation was one of our best –

  • Enabling emerging #globalclassroom leaders to share their stories with the world
  • Formalising our emerging relationship with Govinda Panthy & the Open World Cause, as we look forward to helping raise funds to build the SAV School, Nepal
  • Recognising our inaugural group of “Global Classroom Lead Teachers
  • Marking the formal launch of Global Classroom 2012-13


But perhaps the most emotional moment was when we handed over the microphone to some of our #globalclassroom students – from Elkanah House, in Cape Town, South Africa.

THANK YOU to Sarah, Abigail, Tyra, and Matthew – you did yourselves proud! And thank you to their wonderful teacher, Karen Stadler (@ICT_Integrator) who made it all possible.

Slides and Recording

The presentation was recorded in BlackBoard Collaborate – please watch (and feel free to share) the recording link: