Join the Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad 2012!

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Steve Sherman (@mathsiscool aka “livingmaths”), from Cape Town, South Africa. 

Living Maths is an innovative mathematically based enrichment programme run by a dynamic collection of post-graduate students, with supportive partners, forward-thinking schools and enthusiastic learners that have a thirst for knowledge. Together we have all formed a strong relationship. 

We are currently inspiring over 4500 learners each week at over 30 schools in Cape Town, South Africa – With over 17 years of experience, we provide content for TV programmes (Hip2b2 TV Show, HecticNine9 Show) magazines and websites, run workshops for various schools and organisations, run successful outreach projects, create materials, run various events, provide content for various publications, run public workshops at the national Scifest and National Science weeks, etc.

Visit our website for more information. We are now also teaching classes around the country and the world – using the Internet!

The Olympiad

Every year we run an International Maths Olympiad for K-9.  We believe it is the only Olympiad in the world to cater for this entire age-range. Last year’s event was extremely successful with just over 170 000 learners taking part, with 7000 International learners from the UK, USA and Australia joining in. This year, we anticipate many more schools taking part.

The Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad is an INNOVATIVE event on the INTERNATIONAL Maths Calendar.

Its’ primary focus is to empower teachers and learners to find creative and concrete ways to help improve the standard of Maths globally.

We realise the importance of encouraging as many learners as possible to have a positive experience with maths so that they continue to make maths a subject choice at High School. We feel that there is a great need to provide quality resources and materials to maths teachers around the world.

This Olympiad is one of several projects we have undertaken to continue making a significant impact on maths education in this country.  If you visit our website you will discover fantastic resources offered to teachers FREE!

Get involved!

If you are a teacher and would like your students to take part – the International section of the Olympiad ends on 7 December 2012 – then email .

Mention which school, grades your work with, contacts details (including country) and I will gladly email you a link to our Olympiad Dropbox folder.  You will then have access to ALL our maths papers from 2000-2012 with worked solutions and loads of other additional resources.


Steve Sherman