Remembering the Children of the Holocaust

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Marsha Goren (Israel), from Global Dreamers.

Courtesy of Rick Glass, USA

“This year, the United Nations will remember the one-and-a-half million Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust, together with the thousands of Roma and Sinti children, the disabled and others, who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators.

Some children managed to survive in hiding, others fled to safe havens before it was too late, while many others suffered medical experiments or were sent to the gas chambers immediately upon arriving at the death camps.

Highlighting the impact of mass violence on children, this theme has important implications for the 21st century.”

A Memorial Project

In 2012/13, Marsha Goren is running her year-long “Remember the Children” Holocaust Memorial Project, which is open to K-12 classes around the world.

The aim of this project is to raise students’ awareness about the Holocaust:

In order for children to gain a new insight about the Holocaust, it is my generation’s responsibility to educate the next generation so that they will remember. Only with that knowledge will history never repeats itself.
It is important that students learn to distinguish between tolerance and intolerance.  …  There are lessons to be learned from the atrocities of the past.

Marsha Goren (2012)  (Link)

Marsha provides an excellent range of resources, videos, weblinksand discussion prompts on her Global Dreamers website, and she’s more than happy to discuss project ideas with interested teachers.

Working together, we hope to create a world

“for our children with less hatred and more love.”


For further information, please contact: 

Marsha Goren (