#RSCON5 – Free Global Web Conference July 11-14

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Join 1000+ teachers online for an inspirting event showcasing “wow” learning worldwide! Featuring 2 plenaries, 60+ presentations, 11 keynotes, panel discussions, tech/app/lessons swaps, and more!

I am looking forward to this weekend’s Reform Symposium Free Web Conference. It will be 3 days packed with learning and inspiration from the educators from around the world. For more information please follow the #RSCON5 hashtag on Twitter and visit The Future of Education page for a complete listing of sessions, presenters, and times.

 I will be doing two sessions plus participating in an app smackdown where I will be talking about Write About This . Here is the information for my sessions:

The Global Classroom Project 

When: Friday July 11, 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm (central time)

Description: Learn how a great idea and a simple tweet turned into a dynamic network of international educators who collaborate and participate in global projects. This session will highlight some of our projects and how you can get involved.

Tech and App Swapalooza

When: Saturday July 12, 9:00 – 10:00 am (central time)

Desription: Anyone can join in with a 2 minute presentation of their favorite app or web tool.

Reduce the Paper! Student-Created Digital Portfolios

When: Saturday July 12, 10:00 – 10:30 am (central time)

Description: Discover how your students can document their learning and thinking while reducing the amount of paper used in your classroom. Learn how students can create digital portfolios using ipad apps and Kidblog.






Reflection Time: Global Projects – The #globalclassroom Chats (June 14/15)

Thank you to Heidi Hutchison @HeidiHutchison who is helping organise the chats this month, and provided our topic:

Creating and participating in global projects has fed my soul, but more importantly, it has nurtured the spirit of my students. I have come away with many positives through collaborating and partaking in global projects, but I have learned more through some failures this year. 

This weekend, we would like to reflect through sharing what worked and what didn’t work for us.

Questions for our chat:

1.)  What positives happened as a result of participating in global projects and connections (via Skype, Google hangouts, blogging, pen pals, etc.) for you and your students?

2.)  What made it difficult to participate in a global project or connection? What are some ideas to make it better?

3.)  What were some things that fell through the cracks for you and why? What did you learn about yourself that could make it better for others?

4.)  What ideas do you have for the upcoming school year? How can we connect with others to help us create and collaborate more effectively?

Please join our chat whether you participated in global projects or not. We will all learn more together and your voice is important!


Chat 1 ~ Saturday, June 14, 10:00 – 11:00 UTC

  • 11:00 London, 12:00 (noon) Cape Town, 15:30 New Delhi, 18:00 Perth, 20:00 Sydney, 22:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 2 ~ Saturday, June 14th, 18:00 – 19:00 UTC

  • 11:00 Los Angeles, 14:00 New York, 19:00 London, 20:00 Cape Town, 06:00 SUNDAY – Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 3 ~ Sunday, June 15th, 01:00 – 02:00 UTC (Saturday in N & S America!)

  • Saturday night – 18:00 Los Angeles, 21:00 New York
  • Sunday – 06:30 New Dehli, 09:00 Perth, 11:00 Sydney, 13:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Christmas Around the World VoiceThread Project

The goal of this project is to learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Students will be able to see the differences and similarities between themselves and others around the world. Teachers and students can add to the VoiceThread by uploading photos and videos.  They can also leave comments and ask questions.

For more information please visit the

 Christmas Around the World Wiki page.

Mystery Skype!

On Friday November 2nd , we did a “Mystery Skype” with Lin Lin Tan. she gave us clues, and the students were able to us their map skills and figure out that she lives in Taiwan! The students also asked Lin Lin questions about where she lives, what kind of toys they have, and her friends.

I met Lin Lin through the Hello Little World Skyper group and the Global Classoom Project. It is a large group of educators from all over the world who collaborate and work together to bring the world to our students.

A big THANK YOU you to Lin Lin for staying up late to Skype with us!

Our First Skype Session and What We Learned

Students read an excerpt from MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.

What a fun day we had Skyping with a 3rd grade class in suburban Chicago. My students read their reader’s theater excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the other class shared some of their writing. Afterwards, the students asked each other questions. We learned that a Chicago Dog has a bunch of stuff most second graders don’t like and that deep dish pizza sounds really good. My students shared their favorite sports teams and their ancestral heritage. During the call we also discovered that both classes have blogs so we made a plan to read and comment on each others’ blogs! My students really enjoyed the experience and asked if we could do it again!

@frugalteacher’s Global Classroom Map (USA)

One of the primary goals of The Global Classroom Project blog is to share our teachers’ and students’ stories as they engage in our various projects & activities.

Today, we are happy to share Mrs Louise Morgan’s (Texas, USA) Global Classroom Map, an idea which we hope will inspire similar maps all over the world!

Mrs Louise Morgan can be found on Twitter as @frugalteacher, and the original version of this post can be found on her blog here.

A Hallway Display to be Proud Of!

I just created this Global Classroom Project map on the wall outside our room. We are hoping to add more schools from other countries soon! 

So far we have one international contact – A cupcake greeting  from Mrs. Harrison’s class in Belfast, Northern Ireland!  

Our contacts in the U.S. include students sharing on Edmodo in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.  We are also working on a seasons project with a school on Long Island, NY and a Voice Thread project with a school in Ohio!  


Do you have a #globalclassroom story to share? Are you interested in sharing a guest post about your global project or reflections?

Please email us a link @ globalclassroomorganisers@gmail.com.