WHS Social Studies Video Contest: YouTube History Challenge

We propose for a high school social studies class (grades 11-12) to compete with us, Waldwick High School, in a music video-making competition involving some historical event.  Each class will post their videos on YouTube and whichever school receives the most “hits” within a prescribed amount of time (1-2 weeks) is declared the winner.  The schools can use social media and district-wide initiatives to practice marketing their videos.  The goal is to create an engaging history learning experience through the use of audio-visual tools, YouTube, Twitter, and more.  The project incorporates high-level research, presentation techniques, and communication skills through the latest social media.  Discussion and collaboration between the schools is encouraged with before and after Skype sessions between the classes. Below are the videos from past competitions.

Contact Mr. Noschese (History Teacher) or Ms. Hummel (Media Specialist)

Mr. Noschese

e-mail – noschesej(at)waldwick(dot)k12(dot)nj(dot)us

Twitter – @noscehsej                         

Skype name – ModernEuroWHS

(Contact about setting up a time any day 3PM EST)    

Ms. Hummel

e-mail – hummele(at)waldwick(dot)k12(dot)nj(dot)us

Twitter – @MzHumz



Waldwick High School in New Jersey “French Revolution Rap”


Napa New Technology High School in California “The Crown Will Fall”



Waldwick High School in New Jersey “It’s T-Shirt Time: Famous Quotes in History”


Northwest High School in Texas “Philadelphia v New Jersey”