Project Announcement: Seasons Around the World (K-3 Project)

Yet another new project! Seasons Around the World VoiceThread Project

Mrs Rosenquist and her 2nd graders are creating a VoiceThread called Seasons Around the World and they are inviting other K – 3 classes to join them. Students will work collaboratively in ONE Voicethread where they will share seasonal observations and ask questions that will enable them to grasp goals of the project. Observations and data will be collected at 3 times during the year (November, February, and April). These times are flexible. Work them into your schedule as you see fit. They have been set up for the Northern Hemisphere Fall, Winter, and Spring. It is hoped that Southern Hemisphere classes will participate so the students can see how the seasons are opposite!

Project Coordinator: Debra Rosenquist, USA

Duration: September 2011 – June 2012

Grade Level / Age Group: Pre-K to Grade 3 (5-9 years old).

See the project wiki for more details!

Contact: DM @DebraRosenquist on Twitter, mail or leave a comment below this post!