Eat That Frog!

This month’s topic comes to us courtesy of David Potter (@iearnusa) in California. 

Eating Frogs for Global Classrooms

Last week’s Global Education Conference generated a boatload of future #globalclassroom chat topics! The sessions were remarkable: inspiring, thought-provoking, entertaining, spontaneous, classroom-friendly, and inclusive of all time zones, ages, and viewpoints.

Throughout the week, I kept thinking, why aren’t thousands of classrooms worldwide joining these totally awesome free, anytime, anywhere sessions this week? And, more to the point, why aren’t millions of teachers and students collaborating with partners worldwide every day? As @ktvee put it during #ntchat:


Perhaps not that easy for most educators yet, but after this December’s #globalclassroom chat, maybe easier!

The chat topic title comes from a nifty Global Education Conference keynote by the awesome social meda maven Beth Kanter. While discussing procrastination, Beth asked us to “eat that frog,” as explained by author Brian Tracy:

An old saying is that “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long!” Your “FROG” is the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it now! It is also the one task that can have the greatest positive impact on your life and results at the moment.


Click on the photo to take you to the youtube video “Eat that Frog” based on a quote by Brian Tracy and uploaded by simpletruthstv … if it’s the WORST thing you do all day … things are looking UP!

To further explore this idea this month’s #globalclassroom chat topic is:

How can we help our peers eat their frogs so they can connect their classrooms globally?

Some of the specific questions we will be exploring include:

  • If you have a global classroom, what frog did you need to eat before you went global? A mentor? Administrative encouragement? More flexible curricula? Parental support? Personal motivation? Travel abroad? Host foreign exchange students and teachers? Better bandwidth? Professional development? Freedom to use social media? Classroom time flexibility? Community involvement?
  • If you would like to go global, what frog do you feel you need help eating?
  • What can frog-eating teachers with global classrooms do to help their peers eat their respective frogs?
  • Bonus: eating frogs for global classrooms can be messy.  How do we best “learn to learn from each other, not just about each other?”


Please join us for our December chat.  The sharing and learning that comes from these discussions enriches our practice and the learning experiences of our students!  Check below for the time that best fits with your zone:

The #globalclassroom chats run monthly, starting on the second(-ish!) Saturday of the month.

We normally run three chats at three different time-zones, but will be transitioning to a new schedule in January 2013. From 2013, we will be running 3 chats over the weekend. More details soon.

Chat 1

Saturday, December 8, 17:00 – 18:00 UTC – N America, S America, Europe, Africa

  • New York: midday (12:00), London: 5pm (17:00), Cape Town: 7pm (19:00), Bucharest: 7pm (19:00)
  • Or click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

Chat 2

Sunday, December 9, 09:00 – 10:00 UTC – Europe, Asia, Australia

  • London: 9am (09:00), Singapore: 5pm (17:00), Perth: 5pm (17:00), Tokyo: 6pm (18:00), Sydney: 8pm (20:00), Aukland: 10pm (22:00)
  • Or click here to find out when this chat runs in your timezone.

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Global Classroom 2012-13 Launch – Slides and Recording

Well, it is hard to believe that after 6 weeks of solid preparation, we formally launched our 2012-13 project at the Global Education Conference 2012.

Our Global Classroom Stories and Project Launch presentation was attended by a (record) 27 participants, from 10 countries across 5 continents (6 if we put Trinidad in South America); and hosted speakers from all over the world.

The presentation was one of our best –

  • Enabling emerging #globalclassroom leaders to share their stories with the world
  • Formalising our emerging relationship with Govinda Panthy & the Open World Cause, as we look forward to helping raise funds to build the SAV School, Nepal
  • Recognising our inaugural group of “Global Classroom Lead Teachers
  • Marking the formal launch of Global Classroom 2012-13


But perhaps the most emotional moment was when we handed over the microphone to some of our #globalclassroom students – from Elkanah House, in Cape Town, South Africa.

THANK YOU to Sarah, Abigail, Tyra, and Matthew – you did yourselves proud! And thank you to their wonderful teacher, Karen Stadler (@ICT_Integrator) who made it all possible.

Slides and Recording

The presentation was recorded in BlackBoard Collaborate – please watch (and feel free to share) the recording link:

Announcing: Global Classroom Lead Teachers 2012

As I often comment, this amazing online community could not have happened without the support, inspiration, and hard work of an extraordinary group of teachers around the world.

This year, we are inaugurating the annual “Global Classroom Lead Teacher” Award, recognising teachers who’ve made an extraordinary contribution to the development and success of the #globalclassroom community; based on their: 

  • Significant contribution to the professional learning of teachers around the world (through our blog & Twitter chats)
  • Inspiring efforts to enhance their students’ learning through their global connections
  • Assistance with the development of the #globalclassroom online learning spaces
  • Creation of innovative, pioneering projects which showcase new ways for teachers and students to connect, learn, share, and collaborate globally.

We’d like to formally acknowledge:

Anne Mirtschin @murcha Australia
Brenda Hallowes @bhallowes South Africa
Claudia Ozceta @ClaudRu Guatemala
Clive Elsmore @clivesir United Kingdom
Cristina Milos @surreallyno Romania
Deb Frazier @Deb_Frazier USA – Project Co-Founder
Debra Rosenquist @DebraRosenquist USA
Effie Kryikakis @WinnersSchools Greece
Govinda Panthy @SAVSchool Nepal
Jen Hollis Smith @hthehippo USA
Jennifer Fenton @Jennysfen Hong Kong
Julie Simmons @BJacketsFan USA
Karen Stadler @ICT_Integrator South Africa
Kimberley Rivett @Krivett1 New Zealand
Kyle Dunbar @edtechdunny USA
Linlin Tan @tienmimitw Taiwan
Laurie Renton @RentonL Canada
Louise Morgan @frugalteacher USA
Lu Bodeman @lu_bodeman Brasil
Rawya Shatila @rawyashatila Lebanon
Rob Sbaglia @sbaglia Australia
Stefan Nielsen @snskole Denmark
Tasha Cowdy @tashacowdy Japan
Theresa Allen @tdallen5 USA
Tina Schmidt @MrsSchmidtB4 USA
Tom Sale @TomSale United Kingdom

Join us – Global Classroom 2012-13 Launch LIVE @ #GlobalEd12

The formal launch of the Global Classroom Project 2012-13 is set to take place at the Global Education Conference  on FRIDAY, November 16.

It will take place as part of our Global Classroom Stories and Launch Presentation with speakers from Australia, Nepal, Greece, Taiwan, India, and South Africa. The session will be recorded, and shared after the event.


It takes place at 6AM EST (New York), 11AM GMT, 10PM AEDT – OR find out when this is in YOUR time-zone, by clicking here.

How do I participate? 

To join the session, please click on this link 10 minutes prior to the start time.

Don’t miss these #globaled12 sessions!

As an official Global Education Conference Partner, we are excited to share some fantastic presentations from members of The Global Classroom Project, and our friends at Hello Little World Skypers and Flat Classroom Projects.

To attend these sessions, you will need to access the BlackBoard Collaborate Room links in the Conference Schedule – which is available HERE. Room links will be published shortly.

We hope to see you there!

The Global Classroom Project – Stories & Project Launch (2012-13)

Friday, Nov 16th at 7PM Perth, Australia time (GMT+8) (your time here)

Presented by Michael Graffin,

With Effie Kyrikakis (Greece), Sebastian Panakal (India), Linlin Tan (Taiwan), Karen Stadler (South Africa), and Govinda Panthy (Nepal)

Full Session Details

Room Link:


“Hello Little World”

Wednesday, Nov 14th at 10pm Melbourne, Australia time (GMT +11) (your time here)

Presented by: HLW Skypers – those who can be present!

Full Session Details

Room Link:

Please click here for a FULL LIST of sessions presented by members of Hello Little World Skypers.


A New Learning Legacy – Important Stories from the Flat Classroom

Tuesday, November 13 at 10PM EST (GMT-5) (your time here)

Presented by Julie Lindsay & Vicki Davis

Full Session Details

Room Link:

Please click here for a FULL LIST of sessions presented by Flat Classroom Teachers.