The Caretta-Caretta Global Project- a new and exciting awareness idea

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta-caretta)

Hi everyone! We are so excited to launch The Caretta-Caretta Global Project!

The aim of the project is to help raise global awareness on the serious threat the loggerhead turtle is facing. Our little turtle, Neptune the Caretta2, will travel around the world along with its diary to inform everyone of its plight. At the same time, the issue of plastic garbage thrown in beaches or discarded at sea will also be discussed as it’s one of the threats for the caretta-caretta turtle (and not only!).

Any age

The project
– Share your school details in the project participant form
-The participant classes will in turn get the project package, which will eventually travel around the globe, by mail.
-The package will contain Neptune the Caretta2 the progect diary and QR codes for a great informative video and spreadshhets for class and home discussion.
-After learning Neptne’s history and his species plight, the class can help him by spreading the wold in the local community any way they can imagine. A lot of great ideas have been discussed. Make a street demonstation with banners, create a video and show it to the other school classes, create banners and go from class to class to inform on the Caretta-Caretta plight….not even the sky is the limit to our innovative ideas!
– Each class will have a page in the project wiki,
where they can share all their exciting ideas, photos, videos, etc
-Neptune the Caretta2 and the project diary will stay with each class for 2 weeks, during which time they can contributeideas, drawings, etc.

Let’s all link hands to save Neptune the Caretta2 and his family and make our home a better place!