Save the Sea Lions

(Written by Save the Sea Lions creator, Julie Devine)

I was a classroom teacher for 13 years before becoming an Instructional Technology Specialist. With the change in my job, I had more opportunities to find connections and opportunities to collaborate with classrooms around the world. Last year, during the 2015-2016 school year, I came across the global classrooms website and was immediately excited to find connections I had always hoped for as a classroom teacher. Right away, my colleague, Michelle and I gravitated to the Caretta Caretta 2 Project, which provided opportunities for connecting locally and globally with students focusing on a common theme of endangered sea turtles. The project leader was so organized and did such a great job in providing us the tools to make these connections. The students were beyond excited, were eager to learn, and truly wanted to make a difference for the Loggerhead Sea turtles.

Their enthusiasm got us thinking, “Why don’t we start our own project?” and so…we did. We had our students vote on what endangered animal they thought we should try and save next, and they chose the Sea Lions. This year is the first year of our project Save the Sea Lions, please join us in creating, collaborating and saving the endangered sea lions. We look forward to opportunities of connecting with classes around the globe and possibly Skyping with some too.


3 thoughts on “Save the Sea Lions

  1. Hi everyone!
    In 2015-16 we organised the the Caretta2 Global Project that Heidi is mentioning above, aiming at helping the Loggerhead turtle that is facing extinction here in Greece and is endangered in other areas of the planet.

    Our students created a lovely lapbook that was to accompany Torty the Turtle in its travels to schools around the globe. Torty and its diary went to Israel and then to the USA where to our dismay we lost track of them.

    We’ve asked different schools that were to recieve it but to no avail.

    PLEASE help us get Torty back! It was an important part of our school life , a lot of work and planning has gone into it (we teachers know what that means) and there are so many schools waiting for him!

    Thank you!
    The Carreta2 Global Project Kids

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