#globalclassroom Chat: Going Global…. Slowly But Surely!

Slow, slow, slowly! It’s the theme for this month’s chat and we decided on it for two reasons:

1. Instead of holding chats at two different times this weekend, we are diving into the world of slow chats and hosting our very first one!

2. When educators first start working towards district, school, and personal global goals, some of their initial questions revolve around the what and the how. What do I do? How do I get started? Time and time again, we hear experienced and dedicated global educators advising teachers to start slowly and to take baby steps. Slowly but surely, each little step will lead to another step in the journey of a global educator!

So this month’s chat is a slow one – a slow chat focused on getting started as a global educator! Whether you are just diving into the world of global education or you have been going global for years, each one of you has something to contribute to this chat and we hope that you will pop in and share your expertise throughout the day.

Wondering how this slow chat will work and how you can participate? Here’s how:

  • Starting at 5:00 a.m. EST/ 10 a.m. GMT on Saturday, February 27, questions will be posted on rotation throughout the day. Not on EST or GMT? Click the link to see when we are starting in your timezone!
  • Search #globalclassroom at any time during the day. You will be able to check out the conversation and join in as you wish.
  • When you do pop on, you can respond to the current question or to any of the other questions. In your tweet, be sure to include A1, A2, etc. depending on the question you are answering.



Q1: What was your inspiration for going global? Why did #globaled become part of your teaching approach? #globalclassroom

Q2: How do you create a global look & feel in your classroom &/or throughout your school? Share pics, too! #globalclassroom

Q3: How do you integrate global content, concepts & issues across the curriculum? Share any specific ideas & helpful links. #globalclassroom

Q4: If we want globally competent Ss then we as Ts must be willing to grow globally. How do you access PD in this area? #globalclassroom

Q5: How do you make connections with other educators & classrooms around the world? #globalclassroom

We hope you will join us and share your expertise at some point this Saturday. Use #globalclassroom and join in on the conversation!



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