A Letter from Oz

I’ll never forget about six weeks ago when three girls came running up to me, telling me about their next genius hour adventure.

“We are going to send chocolates to people around the world, so they can taste our chocolate. Then we are going to ask them to send us some chocolate from their country. We can compare the tastes and packages.” So, they were off!

Thanks to eighth graders’ friends and relatives, plus members of my awesome PLN, the students have received packages from South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, France, and, the latest, from Lyn in Australia.

I met Lyn Howlin last year when we completed the teacher’s blogging challenge together. Later my seventh graders hosted her third graders’ Flat Stanleys. Now we’ve been Flickr photo friends and email pen pals. She’s now retired, but she’s still a teacher. Look at the beautiful letter she wrote, engaging my students in learning about the world.

Joining the global conversation has been such a blessing to me and now to my students, as well.

Thank you, Lyn!

This post is also on my Dare to Care blog.


7 thoughts on “A Letter from Oz

  1. This is so exciting! That’s so cool that you received all this chocolate. I’m glad my class could be a part of this project. Thanks for including the link to my blog!

  2. Thanks, Jee, for the comment, and especially for making the three girls’ year memorable. They actually are just finishing up a report. It’s taken longer than usual during a busy spring! Congrats on the 100th comment too. 🙂


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